Arnold Sallie, President 100 Black Men of Greater South Bend

President Arnold Sallie sent this letter to the members of the 100 Black Men of Greater South Bend on Wednesday, June 10. The letter was written in response to the recent violent deaths of George Floyd and other African Americans.

Men of the 100 Black Men of Greater South Bend are heartbroken once again by the lack of basic human dignity shown to members of our community. Recent events have caused us frustration and disgust. The death of George Floyd, Amaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and too many others are the most recent examples.

We are a mentoring organization, encouraging young black boys to believe in themselves and in their nation as a land of possibilities. Our mantra is “What they see, is what they will be”. As mentors, we are to be an example. However, our efforts are diminished by what they are witnessing in their neighborhoods.

We stand in agreement with those that are protesting against a system that continues to treat us unfairly. Positive change is long overdue and we must be partners in creating that change.

As we move forward, and we will, I look forward to seeing you on committees, boards, and councils.

It is critical that as shareholders in this community, that we all exercise our right and responsibility to vote.

Together we can help make this community a better place for everyone.