Indiana Trust

Citing our work in helping young African-American males develop the skills for future success, Indiana Trust Wealth Management has chosen the 100 as its “Nonprofit Spotlight Partner” for the month of February and awarded it a donation of $1,000.

Indiana Trust Vice President Tina M. Patton presented the check on Friday, Feb. 19, to Don Wycliff, president of the 100, and Wilbur Boggs, vice president for operations. 

Besides the initial corporate gift, Indiana Trust has pledged to match every employee donation of $25 or more to the 100 for the remainder of this year. Ms. Patton led the way on that by adding a generous personal donation. 

The 100 is the second organization chosen this year as a Nonprofit Spotlight Partner by Indiana Trust. The United Way was the first. The 100 was selected by David R. Kibbe, president and CEO of the company, in honor of Black History Month.

Ms. Patton observed that "Black History Month is not only a time to look back at our history but it is also a time to look forward to our future. The 100 Black Men of Greater South Bend are providing that hope for the future by helping the young men they assist make their dreams and goals a reality." 

Expressing gratitude for the support, Wycliff said, “Because of donations like yours, we are able to give our charges something they otherwise would not get: exposure to people, places and experiences that more privileged Americans take for granted but these young men generally know little of. Thank you for making this work of ours possible.”