The federal Centers for Disease Control publishes a wealth of information that can help parents raise healthy youths, both boys and girls. The following link is to one such website: 

Barbershop High Blood Pressure Program

African Americans traditionally have higher incidences of preventable diseases than their white counterparts. The 100 Health and Wellness Committee develops and implements programs designed to change these norms in an effort to eradicate healthcare disparities.
In collaboration with Memorial Hospital of South Bend, this early detection program discovers and monitors hypertension among African American men in St. Joseph County. Currently, high blood pressure monitoring devices have been distributed to the following South Bend locations:

Al’s House of Style - 618 N. Olive Ave.
Wigfall’s Barbershop
- 1311 W. Washington St.
Main Event Barbershop - 2718 S. Michigan St.
Cutrageous Barbershop - 2912 W. Sample St.

The barbers have received training on the importance of early detection of hypertension. They encourage clients to take their blood pressure each time they visit. A listing of medical resources is provided for those clients who need assistance.

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